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Speaking at the launch of OIC: The Cambodia Project, in Melbourne, Australia.
Speaking at the launch of OIC Cambodia, in Melbourne, Australia, in November 2013.

I’ve spoken at events in Australia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Singapore on how best to help in countries like Cambodia. I used to think that helping people in poor countries was simple. When I studied at university, I learnt that people in countries like Cambodia need to determine their own destiny. When I started working internationally, I found this rarely to be the case.

The system of international aid favours those who have power. And ultimately, power is where there are resources, such as money. Through my experiences starting OIC, I’ve learnt how hundreds and thousands of people can be ignored, simply because they do not have a voice of their own.

I don’t, for one moment, claim to be a voice for unheard people.

I do, however, have experiences worth sharing on how these people can be heard. And how we can shift the power balance towards them.

You can read a transcript of one of my speeches here. I explain how my ancestors’ lives of extreme sacrifice and my own life of extreme privilege led me to start OIC.

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