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Speaking at TEDx Haymarket on 27th of October, 2018.

From company wide events at LinkedIn in Sydney, to presenting to the Treasurer of Victoria and his parliamentary colleagues in Melbourne, and to addressing the Cambodian government, I’ve spoken at events globally.

I recently gave a 16 minute talk at TEDx Haymarket. The topic – Why international charities need to make themselves redundant.

My key messages are:

1) How to best help people in developing countries – by following my lead of letting local people take ownership

2) How to use an entrepreneurial mindset to solve intractable problems – through my experiences of starting OIC Cambodia

3) How to build a team, a movement, and a band of loyal volunteers with virtually no startup capital.

You can read a transcript of one of my speeches here. I explain how my ancestors’ lives of extreme sacrifice and my own life of extreme privilege led me to start OIC.

You can book me to speak at your company, school or organisation by using this contact form.

I look forward to hearing from you!